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Japan Photos

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Pictures of Japan
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Welcome to Japan Photos! This community was created because I wanted to share my photographs of Japan and experiences I had there and wanted to create a space for others to do the same.


The goal of this community is not critique or praise of one's photographic ability (though constructive criticism and complements are always welcome of course). The important part is that the pictures be of/related to Japan. Whether you're a professional photographer selling prints or a tourist with snapshots of Fuji, we'll accept you just the same.


Posts should have a picture of Japan/something Japan related. There are exceptions to this rule that will be dealt with below. The main goal of this community is creating a space to share photography so please include a picture with each post. Drawings and other artwork can be acceptable, just please use judgment.


However, not everyone is lucky enough to be in/have been to Japan. If you don't have your own photos but know of a good site with images, feel free to just post a text link and description of the page (this is the exception to the 'should have a photo' rule). Don't post someone else's image saved on their server and suck their bandwidth without permission. That's not nice.


Speedy rehash of the rules (plus some more):
1) Post pictures! As often as you can!
2) Make sure they are your own photographs or you have permission to post them. If posting a link to an outside gallery please just describe the contents and do not hotlink any images.
3) Pictures larger in width than 500 pixels should be placed behind an LJ cut.
4) After one or two pictures place the rest behind an LJ cut.
5) Please use the tag function. Especially with the location of where the photos were from (prefecture or city) and maybe some prominent features. This is a good way to searching for older posts with specific topics and familiar places. The list of previously used tags is here.


The moderator is naniwa_elle.
The layout we use a modified version of a layout by minty_peach.
The mood theme is by frostianmoods.